What is this website for?

Risk factors and protective factors are essential parameters used to identify individuals at risk of developing a disease and understanding the prediction of disease severity. This applies especially to rapidly spreading pandemics like COVID-19. However, there is a remarkable degree of uncertainty about the disease mechanism and epidemiology of the infection and its outcomes.

Like the pandemic itself, the volume of relevant scientific publications is growing tremendously, resulting in over thirty new publications per day. Wide variation in the published results has been observed due to the differences in underlying populations, methods, and screening criteria for SARS COV-2 infection. Consequently, no global scientific consensus has yet been reached for the risk factors for COVID-19. It is challenging to draw conclusions from the rapidly growing and widely diverse information, which can lead to delays in patient care decision making, increase the burden on healthcare systems, and worsen patients’ prognosis.

Epidy Ltd. has special expertise in the systematic evidence synthesis in real-world setting. With the help of artificial intelligence and epidemiological expertise, Epidy can support healthcare professionals and the public for better understanding of the factors associated with the development and prognosis of COVID-19.

Our goal is to keep the database updated by adding new results and articles regularly. Our resources are limited, and we have not received any funding for this project. Therefore, all kinds of contributions are welcome, including epidemiological and biostatistical expertise, IT support, or database expert work.

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Endre Szigethy

Senior epidemiologist with strong clinical and academic background; recognized for leading innovative research using real-world data to characterize the safety and effectiveness of a wide variety of therapeutics. Lead safety, effectiveness, drug utilization and validation studies for oncology, biosimilars, rare disease, cardiovascular, respiratory, and neuroscience therapeutics in the US and Europe. Deep understanding of real-world evidence from data generation, integration, and analysis to interpretation.

Adrienn Herczeg

Experienced health economist with work experience in academia and pharma. Participated in several research projects, studies, and publications, developing economic models, and leading systematic reviews of clinical evidence. Skilled in epidemiology, professional mentoring, and project leading.

Zori Mark Zoryan

Experienced SEO specialist. Skilled in Google optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and e-mail marketing. Responsible for the On/Off-page optimization, technical optimization, keyword research, creation of backlinks for the web site, and other relevant tasks.

Radha A.

Motivating and talented Biochemistry lecturer driven to inspire students to pursue academic and personal excellence. Consistently strives to create a challenging and engaging learning environment in which students become life-long scholars and learners. Exceptional track record for research success with journal publishing and project guidance. Experienced in mining bibliographic and citation databases, researching authoritative/magisterial/clinical data and information by using Google and academic electronic databases.

Gautam Kumar Thakur

Software Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in web development. Skilled in many programming languages including Javascript, Node.js, Python, Php, MySQL, etc. Worked on MVC, Monolithic, and Microservices. He is a problem solver writing optimized codes in secure manner.

Wai Shin Yong

Data scientist with 4+ years of experience with data analytics in travel tech, life science and healthcare. Completed Masters of Data Science at University of Malaya, and skilled in leveraging data analysis and modelling algorithms for delivering insights. Highly proficient in spoken and written Chinese, English and Malay.

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