Chen (2020)
Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients With Diabetes and COVID-19 in Association With GlucoseLowering Medication
Laboratory Findings
Creatinine (1 unit increase vs. Not applicable)
COVID-19 (severe/fatal)
Odds ratio: 1.000 (1.000-1.010) Adjusted model


Retrospective cohort study

Medical records


904 patients aged 15–99 years who were admitted to the Central Hospital of Wuhan from 1 January 2020 and enrolled with a definite outcome (discharged from or died in the hospital); the data cutoff for the study was 17 March 2020.

Of the 904 cases, 421 patients (46.57%) were male and 483 (53.43%) were female. The median age was 56.0 years (IQR 39.0–67.0 years), with only three patients under 20 years old. All the patients were clinically diagnosed with COVID19, and 341 (37.72%) had confirmed COVID-19. 904 patients with COVID-19 (136 with diabetes), of the 136 patients with diabetes, 120 had type 2 diabetes, 1 had type 1 diabetes, 1 had gestational diabetes and was still pregnant at the time of admission, and 14 did not have diabetes specified in their medical records.


11 Week

COVID-19 (severe/fatal)


All patients (904 cases) and in patients with diabetes and COVID-19. Of the 904 cases, 473 (93 of whom had diabetes) had a poor prognosis.

Laboratory Findings


Creatinine, mmol/L

Not applicable

1 unit increase

Odds ratio

1.000 (1.000-1.010)




Age, albumin, creatinine, C-reactive protein (CRP) and glucose

Risk factors associated with poor prognosis in all patients with COVID-19.