Bianchetti (2020)
Clinical Presentation of COVID19 in Dementia Patients
Patient characteristics
Age (1 year increase vs. Not applicable)
COVID-19 (death)
Odds ratio: 1.090 (1.070-1.120) Adjusted model


Retrospective cohort study

Medical records


627 patients consecutively hospitalized for COVID19 pneumonia in two Italian hospitals (Acute Hospital in Brescia province, Northern Italy)

Age, mean (SD), y 70,7 (12.9); women 335 (53.4%) The mean age of patients diagnosed with dementia was 82.6 (SD 5.3; IQR 80–86), versus 68.9 (SD 12.7; IQR 60–68) in patients not affected by dementia (p<0.001; Student’s t test). Females were 47 (57.3%) among patients with dementia and 288 (52.8%) among patients not diagnosed with dementia, respectively. The mortality rate was 62.2% (51/82) among patients affected by dementia compared to 26.2% (143/545) in subjects without dementia (p<0.001). Dementia was diagosed according to clinical history and results of the cognitive assessment.


46 Day

COVID-19 (death)


The mortality rate of hospitalized COVID19 pneumonia patients

Patient characteristics


The mean age of patients diagnosed with dementia was 82.6

Not applicable

1 year increase

Odds ratio

1.090 (1.070-1.120)




Age, gender, dementia

The Clinical Dementia Rating Scale (CDR) (5) was used to determine the severity of dementia: 36 patients (43.4%) were classified in stage 1, 15 (18.3%) in stage 2 and 31 (37.8%) in stage 3. The Mortality rates were, respectively, 41.7%, 66.7%, and 83.9% (p<0.001, one-way ANOVA).