COVID-19 Risk Factors
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Outcome Risk category Risk [exposed vs. unexposed] Risk estimate (95% CI) Author [URL] View QC
COVID-19 (severe/fatal) Laboratory Findings LDH [Abnormal vs. Normal] Odds ratio: 8.860 (2.720-28.890) Zheng
COVID-19 (severe/fatal) Laboratory Findings Procalcitonin [Abnormal vs. Normal] Odds ratio: 8.210 (1.920-35.050) Zheng
COVID-19 (severe/fatal) Laboratory Findings HS-cTnI [Abnormal vs. Normal] Odds ratio: 43.240 (9.920-188.490) Zheng
COVID-19 (severe/fatal) Laboratory Findings Creatinine [Abnormal vs. Normal]